PAN Data Discovery

To achieve PCI compliance it is essential to accurately determine the scope of your PCI DSS assessment. That is, you must provide details to the QSA of exactly where PAN (Primary Account Number) data is stored. You must also be able to clearly show the QSA how you determined the scope and how you can be sure that there is no PAN data located in any other area of the system. Most importantly of all, you need to know all locations where unprotected PAN data resides on your systems.


Knightcraft’s PAN Data Discovery service uses PANfinder software from 4tech Software to automatically search your HPE NonStop servers for PAN data. Optimized search capabilities and customizable preferences ensure accurate results and minimal impact to your systems.

  • How do you know exactly where and on which systems PANs are stored?
  • Can you prove you’re not storing unprotected PANs to your QSA?
  • Can you prove you don’t have live PANs on your systems in unauthorized locations?

  • Knightcraft services can be obtained directly from Knightcraft or can be procured through HPE. Please Contact us or your HPE account team to find out how we can help you achieve your security and compliance objectives.