Security Review

Knightcraft’s Security Review service provides a full analysis of the security related aspects of your HP NonStop server environment. This typically includes:

  • Review and evaluation of security policies against organizational requirements, applicable technical standards (e.g. PCI DSS) and best practices.
  • Review of user and group allocation and management, including management of privileged userids and password distribution procedures.
  • A detailed analysis of current security configuration including Guardian, Safeguard, Pathway, XYGATE, batch and network environments.
  • Preparation of an access matrix indicating which files and subvolumes users/groups on the system are able to access.
  • A review of reporting and alerting procedures including security incident identification and escalation procedures.
  • Analysis of controls between production and development environments.
  • Identification of vulnerabilities in configuration and recommendations of how these can be mitigated.
  • Identification of non-compliance with industry standards or internal security policy documents.
  • Documentation of all findings with specific recommendations of what needs to be done to remediate gaps in security, compliance and audit requirements.

This service can be performed in conjunction with the HP NonStop Security Implementation service.

As all organisations’ application and system environments are different, this service is customisable in accordance with your specific needs.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you ensure that your HP NonStop Server security, audit and compliance requirements are fully satisfied.