PCI DSS Compliance for HPE NonStop Servers – A Technical White Paper


Knightcraft principal consultant Greg Swedosh (CISSP) and payment industry specialist and QSA, UL (PCI Service Stream), have created the most comprehensive PCI DSS compliance technical white paper in existence for the HPE NonStop (Tandem) platform.

This vendor neutral document was created to assist NonStop users in their PCI DSS compliance program by suggesting how HPE standard tools, such as Safeguard, Guardian and OSS, can be configured to meet PCI DSS requirements. Where compliance cannot be achieved without the use of optional software products from HPE or from Independant Software Vendors (ISV), relevant products from all vendors are listed for consideration. A section on Evaluating ISV Software will help you determine which products will truly help satisfy your security and compliance requirements. A checklist is provided of key attributes to look for in your evaluation and questions to ask the vendors to determine that selected products will provide the functionality you need.

The paper provides an insight into how a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) may approach the assessment and how you can best prepare for one. The paper is used worldwide by many QSAs to assist them in their PCI DSS assessments of NonStop systems.

* Update for PCI DSS version 4.0 coming soon

PCI DSS Compliance and Security Services

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Security Review service description

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