PCI DSS Compliance Services

Recent high profile data breaches have highlighted that there is a large difference between being passed as compliant by a QSA and actually being secure. As many QSA’s don’t have a great deal of expertise on the HP NonStop platform, it is quite possible that not all areas of vulnerability have been truly assessed. As the experts in PCI DSS and security for the HP NonStop, we can help ensure that as well as being compliant, your cardholder data environment is truly secure.

Knightcraft’s PCI DSS Compliance service is designed to assist organizations achieve and maintain PCI compliance and build secure systems. While PCI DSS compliance can only be determined and given by a QSA, we can assist an organization about to embark on the long process of PCI compliance or maintain continued compliance and help you to protect your cardholder data.

A typical PCI Compliance service may include:

  • A review of the organization’s documentation that is required for PCI DSS
  • Assistance in identification of locations where cardholder data is stored, processed or transmitted
  • A review of access to cardholder data
  • A review of privileged account usage, management and password distribution
  • A review of typical system configuration areas where privileged userid authority (such as super.super/root) can be gained, to ensure that these gaps are not open
  • Documentation of all findings with specific recommendations of what needs to be done to move towards and maintain PCI DSS compliance

This service can be performed in conjunction with the Security Implementation service.

As all organisations’ application and system environments are different, this service is customisable in accordance with your specific needs.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you ensure that your HP NonStop Server security, audit and compliance requirements are fully satisfied.