Security Review Service

Knightcraft Technology Security Review Service

Despite best intentions, security gaps can open up in any system environment. Personnel knowledgeable in the security setup of the system move on, systems get upgraded without revisiting old configurations, changes get made to system, application and operating environments, security technology and best practices change. It is only by regularly reviewing your system security that you can truly be certain that everything is optimally configured and that your valuable data and systems are safe. Knightcraft’s Security Review service provides a full analysis of the security related aspects of your HPE NonStop server environment.

Security Review service description

Learn how Knightcraft goes about reviewing the security of your HPE NonStop servers to help ensure best practices security and compliance with standards such as PCI DSS and GDPR. Click here to download. This service can be procured through HPE.

HPE NonStop Internal Penetration Testing

Our Security Review service can optionally include Penetration Testing of your HPE NonStop environment, to demonstrate in a “hands on” fashion the ways that an unauthorized user may be able to access sensitive data or obtain privileged userid powers on your systems.

Knightcraft services can be obtained directly from Knightcraft or can be procured through HPE. Please Contact us or your HPE account team to find out how we can help you achieve your security and compliance objectives.