Security Implementation & Configuration

Knightcraft Technology Security Implementation & Configuration

Ensure that security software you have either purchased or received as part of the operating system is configured in an optimal fashion, utilizing all features that help achieve your security and compliance objectives. With strong expertise in Safeguard, XYGATE and comForte software, Knightcraft Technology will assist your organization in implementing its security configuration in line with industry best practices and compliance needs, ensuring that there are no gaps that could be exploited to gain unauthorized privileged powers or access on your HPE NonStop servers.

Safeguard, XYGATE, comForte Software Implementation

This service may include any of the following depending on specific requirements:

  • Best practices configuration of Safeguard, OSS and Guardian subsystems to meet organisation security requirements.
  • Installation and configuration of XYGATE software (XAC, XUA, XMA, XSW, XOS or any other XYGATE module).
  • Implementation of comForte security software.
  • Provide remediation of any security or audit gaps detected during either the Security Review or PCI DSS Compliance services.

Customised Education

When Knightcraft Technology provides a professional service to a customer, we always like to ensure that the customer is left in a position of knowing exactly what is required to confidently take over the full management of their system and configuration. With this in mind, Knightcraft has a range of courses on HPE NonStop security related topics that can be tailored to suit your company’s specific needs. These include:

  • HPE NonStop security concepts.
  • Closing the gaps – common security configuration holes on HP NonStop systems.
  • Security forensics – determining the who, when and how of security incidents.
  • How to optimally configure Safeguard and XYGATE.

XYGATE Training

As experts on XYGATE software, Knightcraft Technology is able to offer educational courses on the XYGATE range of security software. Courses are specifically tailored based on the XYGATE modules you have and your organisation’s specific security, audit and compliance requirements.

Knightcraft services can be obtained directly from Knightcraft or can be procured through HPE. Please Contact us or your HPE account team to find out how we can help you achieve your security and compliance objectives.