PCI DSS v3.2 Compliance for HPE NonStop Servers white paper

Knightcraft Technology is pleased to announce that a new version of the PCI DSS Compliance for HPE NonStop (Tandem) Servers technical white paper has been released for version 3.2 of PCI DSS. The paper, co-written with QSA UL (PCI Service Stream), details how organisations can achieve compliance using standard HPE operating system software where possible, but makes known the various ISV products available that may assist in achieving compliance.

This vendor neutral document includes an updated section on Evaluating ISV Products to help organisations determine which of the various products available to the market will fit their needs and help achieve PCI Compliance. It will help you make the right purchasing decision and will in fact help you determine where any extra purchase of software is truly required.

This white paper has become the industry standard and an essential tool for organisations approaching PCI DSS compliance for HP NonStop servers. It is used worldwide by organisations who process or store payment cardholder data as part of their compliance program and is also used by QSAs when performing PCI DSS assessments. It is the essential tool for PCI compliance on the HPE NonStop.

*Knightcraft Technology is the leader in security consultancy services and PCI DSS compliance for the HPE NonStop Server platform.

Please see the Knightcraft Services offering or contact us to find out how we can help you ensure that your HPE NonStop Server security, audit and compliance requirements are fully satisfied.

Download the PCI DSS Compliance for HPE NonStop Servers white paper

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